Alberto Bocini, Massimo Pinca

The double bass in the orchestra from Haydn to Stravinsky, a basic approach of the orchestral repertoire for beginners and advanced players

“A publication that offers students a method to address and solve specific technical difficulties linked to the practice of the double bass in orchestra. It is for this purpose that this book was conceived. The book is intended mainly for students in the first years of their studies, but the methodology presented in it will also be useful to more advanced students wishing to hone their skills in analysing the difficulties in an orchestral except, which are sometimes hidden, and solving its inherent technical and interpretative problems. We hope that the student will absorb this methodology and become capable of applying it autonomously to all the music he will find himself practising, beyond the examples specifically presented in our method.

The Exercises isolate specific technical difficulties inherent to every selected excerpt (in most cases relating to bow technique), and excerpts are later presented in their original version and in their musical context, i.e. as an accompaniment to a melody played by another section of the orchestra.”(A. Bocini, M. Pinca)

NBB Edizioni 2017


Massimo Pinca

«An approach to orchestral double bass playing in the mid-19th century : August Müller’s contributions to the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik »,

Ad Parnassum. Journal of eighteenth– and nineteenth century instrumental music

April 2014